“Literature Forum” newspaper

At the chaos of the perplexed existence, sometimes in which one finds difficulties to find him self, occur the stories of Heliana Stoichkova. It is within the complex notes of the tragic, comic, absurd and fiction where casual and uncommon fragments are solved.
The culture layers are displacing, the dialogue becomes reverse, demolished at its normal communicative sense (often taking at it’s structural and artistic space the voice of the author).
The human suffering, love, laughter, fear, compassion, accident, paradox speaking, passing each other and meeting are all sitting calmly around the table of the fiction grotesque and und constantly mix each other in strange combinations as a kaleidoscope of the incredible and at the same time possible existence. The world of the characters is a real perpetual mobile, a lottery of endless number of choices and yet only one taken.
The world is constantly happening at an endless chain of worldly situations in those 36 stories of the debut book of the young author. That work over the worldly situations reminds of the paradox of the House with mirrors, the only exit from which is to break the mirrors. The voices of people from different social and cultural groups brake with a seemingly light feel (and why not non apparent) in a special way the text fabric and slip into it additional meaning area. The slight irony as if plays cards with charity. The sense of mocking often steps aside to free some room for sadness and the opposite. The text is laconic and sometimes remind of the anecdote. In other cases they lean towards the lyric-confession of the I-form (although at a rather enveloped, hidden manner).
The human ego, the incapability sometimes to share one’s joy, to open up and transform your inner dialogue in to external, to pretend you’re someone else, to feel content, that the loosing card is not in your hands, the nonsense in life, when you search for something and you find completely different things, the aloofness, the lies, the dreams, that happen while you sleep, the tragic passing each other (and meeting) between human values are all problems the stories of Heliana Stoichkova point out.
Is the world possible as it is and can we find strength ourselves to change it! This is a question everyone should make clear for himself and give an answer to the inner self and then to others.