Contents of "The absurd of Gana Po"

The book “The absurd of Gana Po” was published in 2001 in Bulgaria. It contains 36 short fiction stories. Editor of the book is Albert Benbasat who is a professor at the faculty of Journalism at the “Kliment Ohridski” University in Sofia at the department “Printing and book publishing”.

The book “The absurd of Gana Po” is 60/80/16.

The graphic on the cover is drawn by the painter Fam Chung.
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What is that thing we call art?
Pirates - published by the turkish newspaper „Kül Öykü“
Tell me again
The lonely
It smells like lilac - published by "Literature forum" newspaper
That man’s money
Selection of motives
How do you do
I want it!
The publication - published by "Trud" newspaper
The large intestine of an Italian cook
One life
On the table
Be happy
Your grandmother
Drunken problems
The night of the unknown
The old man
The producer - published by "Trud" newspaper
Second grade
I think we are together
Fever for love
The begging stranger
Grand-grandmother used to say…
At the whirlwind of the new
Grandmother Nonka
Give me a smoke
The absurd of Gana Po - published by "Literature forum" newspaper, published also by the turkish newspaper „Kül Öykü“
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